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Maestranza and Engineering Lo Espejo S.A., is a family company founded in 1955 which has contributed continuously for the last 60 years in the national and international markets, always with the latest technology and maximum efficiency in their processes to achieve the minimum manufacturing costs and thus encourage our customers. During our long history we have designed and manufactured for various projects in the areas of:



-Environmental and / or Contamination


-Boiler and Structure


Due to the globalization of markets and the sudden changes in the international economy, we have decided in recent years to specialize in a particular area in which we have comparative advantages with the support of our experience and physical infrastructure for manufacturing high quality and low cost products in series  that can be leaders in Chile and the Southern cone.


Today Maestranza and Engineering Lo Espejo S.A. has almost all of its production for the manufacture of containers and ponds in carbon steel according to standards:


-Vertical and industrial Ponds under the API and AWS standards.

-Overground and underground horizontal tanks under the BS, UL and PC standards.

-Ecological; double metal wall, covered in fiberglass under PC and UL standards.

-Pressure and LPG, under PC and ASME standards.

-Pipes and Boiler according to NCh and AWS standards.

Our company is aware of the quality assurance of our products and hopes to meet in the best way the requirements of our customers.


And it is for our customers that Maestranza and Engineering Lo Espejo S.A. it commits to meet the requirements of the Standard Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008, which achieved certification in October 2002 with the company BVC, with the following scope.

"Design, Manufacture and Marketing of Ponds and Pipeline. Curving Service, Turning, Sandblasting and Painting. "

On hold a warm welcome to our presentation and will soon be able to answer any query or doubt farewell compliments of you.


General Manager

Maestranza and Engineering Lo Espejo S.A.

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